To book an online
session or a studio session
please contact by email
or phone.

T: 07973 624853

Online Sessions

The Session Itself

The Guitar part or parts for the production will be recorded the studio.
Communication during the session can take place using the telephone, email or skype.

A mix will be sent at a low bit resolution which will also include audible beeps (making it unuseable) so that the Guitar parts can be checked and approved by you.

When satisfied and payment has been received, the audio files of the Guitar parts are sent either over the net and/or on a disc in the post.
A rough mix of Guitars and the track is also sent which can be useful for your reference.


Guitar recordings can be used as a whole or in part on the named track only.

Alastair Marshall must be credited with these recordings. You cannot credit yourself or anyone else for this work.