To book an online
session or a studio session
please contact by email
or phone.

T: 07973 624853

Online Sessions

Do you need a Guitarist to play on your recording but don't want a Guitar player to travel to you to do the session?

Guitar parts for your music can be played and recorded in Al's Studio by Alastair Marshall using a range of Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Amps, FX units and Processors which gives a vast range of sound possibilities.

All that is needed is an audio file of the track and a discussion regarding the musical requirements. Written Guitar parts are useful if available.

Recording techniques can vary from miked speaker cabinets or DI's from Processors/Amps with the addition of a clean DI from the Guitars themselves ready for reamping.
Acoustic guitars are miked and a DI is taken of required.

Guitar parts are usually sent back to you as WAV files.

Please contact Al to discuss your projects
requirements, the logistics of the session
and the contractual agreement/payment.